Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Liz Earle skin care review

Hey guys...

This review is based on my skin type which normal/ combination. However I have very sensitive skin so I have to be very careful with the products I use. This is why most of my products be it skincare or make up it's bit more pricey. Otherwise I either break out or get a rash. Which is kinda crap but such is life. 

So I was trying a new moisturiser because it was cheaper and thought it would would work. I had bought one from Boots because I was about to run out and wanted to try something else which was a mistake. I'm sure it works for other people just not my skin. So keep reading and I'll go through how I use these products by Liz Earle which I have been using for a while.

Above I have my cleanse and polish (£13.25) with a muslin cloth (£4.25). 
I tend to use this in the evening so that I get rid of all the make-up I may have had along with the dirt collected throughout the day. This really leaves my skin clean. If I had been wearing a full face of make-up, I will do a double cleanse using my Lush cosmetics cleanser (Fresh Farmacy 100g £4.75) first then my Cleanse and Polish.

Above I have Instant Boost Skin Tonic (£13.25).
This is basically a toner which I use morning and night after I have washed my face. By the way this smells Awwwesome!! :)

Above is a Skin Repair Moisturiser for Normal/Combination Skin (19.25).
I mostly use this in the morning after my toner but if I'm going somewhere then I'll use it before my make up. Otherwise if I'm not going out I will use a serum from Lush Cosmetics (Full of Grace 80g £8.25 ) and some bio oil for my marks.  

So the first time I purchase these products there was a deal on where I got them all for £43. this included the cleanser, toner, moisturiser and 2 muslin cloths and a complementary eye cream. 
This time round it was cheaper for me to buy this other package deal with all the skincare, hand cream and two nail polishes. All of this above was £43 which is a bargain. This is a December offer. Also love they packing and the way they rap it after you bought it. 

Hand Repair Cream (£15.75)
This was the first time trying this and it's amazing. Especially now that it's winter and I tend to wash my hands a lot which can leave them dry.  Also it smells so good and relaxing.

Nail Polishes which are £7.50 each. 
I haven't had the chance to try them yet because of work. I'm not allowed to Boo :( but as soon I try them i'll post it up.

All of the products smell Awwwwwsome and they not harsh on my sensitive skin yay. I would totally recommend this brand if you have sensitive skin. They have products for other skin types as well. 

Oh by the way this is so not a sponsored post I have been using this for a while and works well. 
Hope you're all enjoying the festive season and that you liked my post. 

Love Sultaana :)

Friday, 29 November 2013

Hair style review

Hello everyone. 

So I got my hair braided with box-braids on the 16th September for a month. I loved the colour that I picked. Which matched the bottom ends of my hair. 
The braids and the colour suited my face however they were to thick on my hair. 
My hair is thin so it would have been better if they where thinner which I asked for but she was worried about time. With the price I paid they didn't last long cause of weighing down my actual hair because of the thickest. 
I have naturally curly hair but not Afro where it's kinky and thick with growth. It's more like Asian hair.
I'm not saying it was a bad job just that maybe they are not familiar with my hair type for box braids. 
I got my hair done in Leeds market and paid £70
Bought the expressions from hair city in Leeds colour number 30. It was £1.99 a pack and I used 2. 

In the picture above you can see how thin my hair is with the space on my scalp. I love the braids and the colour and so did everyone that saw me. But they might have lasted longer if they were thinner. 

In this one above you can see my hair has grown so my scalp is not as noticeable and the picture above. 

I would get them done again cause them easy for this cold winter. My hair won't be dry or be fizzy with the cold wind.

Love Sultaana :)

Modelling shoot

So this post is all about a professional photo shoot that I paid for 2 years ago in Manchester . 
I was  referred by a friend so the make-up and hair and shoot was free. Only paid for the photos and a few items of make-up and hair products I liked.
I brought in all the clothes and accessories I wore.

What I'm wearing above:
Purple vest top - Primark
Leopard sheer top - Next outlet
Blue skinny jeans - Gap outlet 
Leopard peep toes - Primark sale
Tan plaited belt - oasis
Gold bangle - Primark
Brown shell earnings - Gift 

What I'm wearing above: 
Party dress: New Look sale
Leopard print peep toe: Primark
Leopard print clutch: Gift

The same above

The same above 

The same above

The same above

Demin strapless dress - Tiptop 
Fish net cut off gloves - Poundworld 
Record earrings - Primark
Black stone necklace - Flee Market 

Same as above 

Black high tops -international 

My nails were done before I went for the shoot. They were done in the Leeds Market. There was  special £25 acrylic nails.

I  will be honest getting professional photos done by an agency can be pricey so I would be careful in how many pictures you want. Also that they are for a special occasion for example family husband and wife or whatever you feel is special. The reason I say this because you only need a few pictures like 5 or 10. Also most agencies tend to have an instalment plan so you not paying it all at once. 
After that I'm not saying I regret paying for my photos. I don't at all and the number of photos I is 20 of an A4 size and 2 double that. 

There will be another post of a different shoot where I did my hair and make -up shortly after this. 

Love Sultaana :)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Autumn/ Fall Outfit of the day

Hey guys

So I live in the North of England which tends to be a lot colder than London which is closer to the South. I grew up in Africa so I don't like to freeze for the Fashion. However that does not mean that as ladies we can't still look good.

What I'm wearing:
Black v-neck T-shirt- Primark
Green & grey tartan skirt - Best Leeds
Burgundy Blazer - H&m
Black tights - Primark
Tan heeled boots - International
Green butterfly earrings- thrifed 

Above is a front view

Side view of the bag and boots

A front view from a distance.

Close up of the front 

Side close up 

Close up of my top half

You can always add a scaf to this look and a wrap over if it's not warm enought. 
Hope you have a lovely day. 

Sultaana xx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Outfit of the day

Hey everyone.
So it's getting colder and it's fall. However that doesn't mean that you can look good and feel warm at the sametime. 
So this is an outfit I wore recently with the crapy raining weather. 

Above: top - primark
Knitted jumper- thrifed 
Striped skirt - h&m
Bag- Tk Maxx
Waist belt - primark

About you came see my flawless a foundation look however the Camera whilted my face with the flash up close. However is was a simple brown and pink eyeshadow look with a bold lip from maxfactor - Burberry

 Now the whole outfit from top to bottom. With my boots buckle detail at the back. 

Hope you having a lovely day, 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Outfit of the day

Hey everyone. Hope your Tuesday is lovely.

Mine is all about sitting in front of my laptop and working in Starbucks. May not sound fun but I can still look good doin it. 

This is a very simple smoky day look inspired by the makeup chair on YouTube. 
The smokey eye is with brown eyeshadows from a Sleek palette. A black master smoky shadow pencil from maybelline. With benefit they real mascara.
My foundation is the same as my last looks. 
Coppering eye shadow from mac as a blusher with the what's up highlighter from benefit. 
Lastly a plum lipstick espionage by benefit.
All my make up I purchased from Boots and Harvey Nichols for my Mac.

In the picture below I have my hair up in a ponytail with a side sweap giving me a fringe.
The necklace from a charity shop.

Black wrap over cardigan: Primark
Black waist belt: Primark
Blue bad white long top: New Look
Black legging: Primark 
Brown knee high boots: Garage shoes
Handbag: Zara

This is not a sponsored post nor am I a proffessional, it's just a passion I have.
Hope you like my style and make up. Laterz xx

Outfit of the day

Hi Everyone
So here is my Outfit from Yesterday which was a Monday and the beginning of the week. Just because it's the start of the week it doesn't mean that you shouldn't look your best. So I say start your day feeling beautiful inside and out. Buy a stranger a coffee you could make a world of difference to they day.

The picture below is the make-up I did. I have my eyes closed so you can see the different shades blended together. 
I used Sleek eye shadow palettes there is a mix of pink and brown shades for the perfect girly daytime look. I used  MUA brown pencil to fill in my brows. Please excuse my brows, they in need of a wax which I will be getting from benefit over the weekend. 
My mascara is Maybelline falsies is black and waterproof. 
My Foundation is a mix of hello flawless from benefit  in Toasted Beige and Revlon Photo ready in Caramel. The reason is because the shades of foundation are different for contouring my face. 
My blusher is a mix of benefit's dallas and bella bamba and finally my Lipstick is Mac's Taupe. 
All my make up I purchased from Boots and Harvey Nichols for my Mac. 

Now it's time for what I'm wearing.
Burgundy Blazer : H&M Sale 2 weeks ago.
White t-shirt with Comic writing : Primark
Dark blue thick Leggings : H&M
Burgundy Converse: Schuh
Black Laptop Handbag: Zara
Piano iphone Case: Street sale

Hope you like my style. It's functional for university or a collage student, a smart yet causal comfortable outfit. I love to look good and be comfortable at the same time. I don't think I should be uncomfortable when I will be running around.  
This blog post is not sponsored by anyone and I'm not a professional. This is just my style and I'm showing my passion for fashion and sharing it to the world.
Hope you had a lovely start to your week. xx

Outfit of the day.

Hi guys. 

So this outfit of the day is from two weeks ago. Really sorry it's late I was waiting on the picture below that my friend took with his camera.   
The make up look is a very simple day look with bronze eye look and a hint of purple in the crease. With a nude lipstick from Mac in Taupe.
All my make up I purchased from Boots and Harvey Nichols for my Mac. 
My hair was done by a African hairdresser in the Leeds Market named Josephine's with hair number 30. She charged me £70 which took about 4 hours.
There will be a review on this hairstyle. So look out for the post. 

Yin & Yang necklace: Republic
Aztec ring: Republic
Sky Blue nail polish: Seventeen

Grey Bodycon dress: H&M 
Black tights: Primark

This is not a sponsored post. This is based on my all my own style.
Hope you having a lovely day.  xx

Friday, 13 September 2013

Causal outfit of the day

Hello everyone happy Friday. My day started with good news despite it being Friday the 31th. 
Also later in the day I was stopped by a stranger. He said I looked gorgeous, which was so lovely. 
So on to my outfit of the day and my make-up. My outfit was causal  with a bold lip.
So last night I did a DIY hair mask cause my hair was in need. After I let it dry naturally. I have a flawless makeup look with my foundations which are the same at my previous post. I used mac Russian red. This red is lovely for my skin tone.

Top- open back long length gift
Jeans- gift 
Baseball jacket - unlisted shop
Converse- schuh

Back view of my top. 

Hope you have a lovely day. Mwaah 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Day off work outfit

So I have been working so much. I wear the same thing to work black work trousers and a black shirt. Today was my day off and I didn't let the rain or the fact that I had important things stop the fashion. 

So I'll show my makeup and hair, outfit and bag. 

In this pic I have my hair back in a high ponytail with a scarf in a bow from primark. I added some hair extensions to make my hair longer.
My big studs are silver Serling cause I react and they from accessozie.
My sliver necklace is personalised with my name. That is from Argos but the chain was changed from a jeweller in the market.
I used to foundations because my high end foundations are lighter for winter. So my lighter one is the estser laudaur double wear in honey bronze. The darker one is revlon photo ready in Carmel.
My eyeshows are from mac cork, expensive pink, coppering and rice paper as a highlight from my brow bone. 
Browingz from benefit in medium.
Liquid eyeliner from maxfactor.
Dallas blusher from benefit.
Lips are by mac taupe.

Striped Maxi skirt-sale
White peplum top-sale
Black cardigan - friend
Waist belt- primark
Handbag- birthday gift river island 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

My 21st Birthday Outfit

So I turned 21 yay. I had a great time invited my friends and went out clubbing. Below i'm in a lovely red strapless mini dress with rhinestones just below the bust. Over sized cream clutch bag.
Curled my hair and my friend did my lovely make-up.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nail art

This is my second attempt at doing acrylic nails. With nail art. I'm not a professional but I'm a creative person.
Two shade dotted line nail art. Done by myself. 
This is just a some of the nail art I do. To seen more of then check out my Instagram: Sultaana_cake