Friday, 26 July 2013

Today's outfit

Today is Friday I didn't want anything over the top. My hair is up in the bun and no make up cause I'm hitting the gym.

studded earrings: republic
Personalised necklace.
Pink vest top: primark
White torn skinny jeans: new look
Pink converse: shuch

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Progress on cheer stretches

So I haven't been constant with my blog posts, which is bad but I will change that. 
This collage of pictures are from last week at the gym, Tuesday to be exact. My lovely friend took them and now I will have to ask strangers. Lol
Anyways I couldn't do much stretching because of my silly injury but all is healed. That is what happens when you don't warm up before cheer stretches. 
I am now back on track.

Heel stretch 
Side  and box splits
Bow and arrow   
All this is if I work and and WARM UP before I stretch. Haven't started bow and arrow but will.

I realise now that my heel stretch is to the side and not the front. I have been working on that. 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

avoid muscle injury

I know as well as anyone not to go into a stretch without a full warm up of the body. As a cheerleader we all have to warm up in order to do most things. 

Well I will tell we all know when we drunk we more flexible but sometimes wanna show off or get asked. I have done a few times and then the not warming up caught up with me and I pulled my hamstring on my right. Rested it but it took long. I was higher on my split and still did it on my left and that's my least flexible. 

So having to work back down as I lost abut maybe 2 to 3 inches. When my right  leg was about half an inch off the floor.

Please please warm up well. I'm speaking from experience. Also if you not sure get a professional to help you whatever your goal. 

Have a blessed day everyone xx